Thursday, April 5, 2012

Announcing... the Writers' Workshop at Westercon 65

We're pleased to announce that we will be running the Writers' Workshop at Westercon 65 in Seatac from July 5-8, 2012.

The guidelines have not yet been posted to the Westercon website (but we hear they'll be up soon).  Until then, you can find them right here.

Because we have less lead time to oraganize and a different roster of attending pros, we will be accepting fewer manuscripts for this workshop.  We will accept only one submission per writer, and manuscripts should not be over 8,000 words.  All short stories will be scheduled for round robin sessions, and all novel excerpts for individual sessions. 

The deadline for the Westercon 65 Writers' Workshop is April 29, 2012. 

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