Thursday, November 11, 2010

SALE! Rhiannon sells "Silver"

Fairwooder Rhiannon Held sold her urban fantasy novel "Silver" and two sequels to editor Beth Meacham at Tor books. Congratulations, Rhiannon!! 

As described in the Publisher's Marketplace, "the local pack enforcer finds a battered and crazed werewolf in his territory and must unite the isolated and insular North American packs and take a hard look at his own dark past to piece together what happened and keep it from happening again."

The Fairwood Writers read the novel in an earlier version so we're fully qualified to that "Silver" is a great read, populated by great characters and packed with plot.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog!

The Fairwood Writers have run the writers' workshop at Norwescon for more than 20 years, offering writers from the Northwest and beyond the opportunity for professional-level feedback on short stories and novel excerpts.  Workshop participants also have the opportunity at Norwescon to sit in on one or two special classes on topics that have included writing a novel synopsis, writing flash fiction and building a writing career.

The Fairwood Writers is a closed, invitation-only writing group that meets weekly, currently in Issaquah.  Membership is capped at 10.  The group came together more than 25 years ago and has  added and replaced members over time.  Many of the current members' first contact with the group came through submitting manuscripts to the Norwescon workshop.

The Norwescon workshop is our annual effort to give back to the writing community that's helped us over the years.  We took charge of the workshop at Westercon in 2003, when the convention was last in Seattle, and our members volunteer to critique in workshops at other conventions, including Orycon and Radcon. 

The best part of participating in these workshops is seeing writers learn and progress in their craft over time, and hearing about their successes.

At Norwescon we host a Saturday afternoon social for workshop participants as well as convention members who'd like to learn more the workshop experience.  Manuscripts for the 2011 workshop must be submitted by Dec. 31st at the latest; our guidelines will be posted shortly on the Norwescon website.  We hope to see you and your work there!