Monday, September 22, 2014

Norwescon 38 Writers Workshop Guidelines Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the guidelines for the Writers' Workshop at Norwescon 38 in April, 2015 are now available!  If you've participated in the workshop since 2012, or inquired about the workshop within the last two years, you should have received a copy of the guidelines in your email.  If not, visit the Norwescon 38 website.

Here are the basics:
  • In most circumstances, you can submit 2 pieces, no more than one of which may be a novel excerpt, and neither may be more than 10,000 words (18,000 words combined).
  • Submissions are due November 30, 2014.  By around mid-December, we confirm whether we'll be able to place one or both of your submission into a workshop.  (Historically, we've accepted 99% of submissions. But we've operated at capacity the last few years, and the con's guest of honor next year is a big name. So things might get tight. The guidelines lay out how we'll handle capacity issues.)
  • We offer both individual and round-robin style critique sessions.  Check our guidelines for details.
  • You must have a con membership to participate, and we strongly encourage you to buy one as soon as we confirm that your story's been accepted. (See "big name guest" concerns above. Plus, memberships are pretty cheap right now--they'll be pricier closer to the con.)
  • Got questions? First, read the guidelines. And if you still have questions, email us at the address included at the very end.

Don't worry if you haven't participated in a critique or workshop before, or if you don't feel that your work is perfect.  Writers at all levels are welcome to submit to the workshop!

Stay tuned! We'll be posting periodic updates about workshop submissions, our annual party, learning opportunities, and more.